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Following the 2018 annual ASPRS conference, the Forensic Working Group is developing a cohesive action plan.

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About the FWG

The Forensic Working Group is dedicated to the effective scientific application and presentation of Photogrammetric science to the courts, government, business and general public through analysis, reporting, testimony and educational outreach. The Forensic Working Group applies peer reviewed industry science and best practices to real world scenarios involving image, video and survey data in order to form positional, motion or mapping opinions that can be conveyed to a non-technical audience.

The FWG is a subgroup of the NIST OSAC Standards group, working to establish some standards/qualifications in the realm of geography/photogrammetry/remote sensing to make it easier for judges to sort out who's an expert in this field and who might not be suitable to testify as an expert.

Composed of practitioners, scientists, scholars, and litigators, members of the Forensic Working Group members operate in accordance with ASPRS ethics and the scientific foundations established by the Photogrammetric Applications Division of the ASPRS. The members of the Forensic Working Group serve as triers of fact in all facets of private and public sectors, measuring and calculating relational and absolute positional, speed, acceleration and energy data.

Industry Links

the 2009 National Academies book "Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States." It's a great look at the current state of forensic science (pretty dismal) along with suggestions for how to move forward so that more disciplines have credibility to DNA identification." More information here & here.



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